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Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Welcome to P.A.J.Enterprises,  We help people become home owner through special programs. We have first time home buyers, down payment and closing coat assistance, rent to own and owner financing available. We buy houses in all areas if you need to sell fast call 6463774498 Or you looking to sell your house we can close quickly Or maybe your agent didn't sell your house we need to buy houses more over we pay more for houses call us if you need to sale. Thank you and we look forward to talking to soon.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

PAJ enterprises LLC

Monday, May 1, 2017

Co Real Estate Wholesaler/Buyer: Real Estate Wholesale Deals Available Now

Co Real Estate Wholesaler/Buyer: Real Estate Wholesale Deals Available Now: Read  My Wordpress  Blog  This is traffic Authority Make sure you check out the VIDEO We Buy Ugly Houses/cash Prit.../
We buy houses in all areas,  We Help people to own their house through financing program, we buy properties one of "several ways all cash in our "preference? When we intend to buy a property on a cash basis. it must be at a "significant discount. it just has to make sense to us to put our cash into today market, with that said. I would I to take the time to tell a little more about the service. We are a group of people who dedicated our time to help people like landlords and homeowners and first-time home buyers who have a little problem with their mortgage or with their finance. this is where we come in to help you. There is nothing hard about the service we offer to you all it take is you and me have a conversation about your situation on the property, you tell me about your house and your situation and I well fill in this property information data sheet. ofter we talk about the value of the property and we come to an agreement about what the value of the property worth then I take that data sheet to my associate my power team groups then take the data sheet and analyze the data sheet and come to an agreement about the value of the property worth. These teams make up of private people like finance investors lawyers and real estate investors. and a private lender. So if you is a landlord selling or a  first-time homeowner and looking for a long-term lease with the option to buy at a later date ?? or homeowner needed a way out, Will.     give me a call at 646 377 4498 and leave a brave message so we can set up a meeting. For more info go to the link above. This is Patrick AJ, P.A.J.Enterprises,