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API.AI Forums

You’ve built and documented your API, now what?

Expose your API to thousands of developers in the Hitch community.
Give visibility to changes and receive developer feedback
‘Get your free Hitch changelog widget to help keep your existing and potential users updated.
Already have a developer portal but have challenges engaging your community? Contact us! (1) Google Analytics
Implementation Guides and Solutions 
Integrating CRM Data with Google Analytics to create AdWords Remarketing Audiences 
This guide describes how to integrate CRM user data into Google Analytics and how to use that data to create AdWords remarketing Audiences. 
Overview of different integration options
Universal Analytics makes it possible for webmasters to send CRM data about their users to Google Analytics for segmentation, reporting and creating remarketing lists that can be used in AdWords for display campaigns or remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). There are three ways to send CRM data to Google Analytics (which are not mutually exclusive): 
With analytics.js and via custom dimensions
With the Measurement Protocol
Uploading CSV files via Data Import. (2) Dropbox Business API
The Dropbox Business API allows apps to manage the user lifecycle for a Dropbox Business account and perform API actions on all members of a team. It also gives apps programmatic access to Dropbox Business admin functionality. 
Access types
There are four different access types of Dropbox Business API permissions. You should only request access to the minimum set of permissions that your app requires: 
Team information — Information about the team and aggregate usage data
Team auditing — Team information, plus the team’s detailed activity log
Team member file access — Team information and auditing, plus the ability to perform any action as any team member
Team member management — Team information, plus the ability to add, edit, and delete team members
Creating an application
To create a Dropbox Business app, visit the app creation page. (3) 
This describes the resources that make up the official GitHub API v3. If you have any problems or requests please contact support
Detailed Representations
When you fetch an individual resource, the response typically includes all attributes for that resource. This is the “detailed” representation of the resource. (Note that authorization sometimes influences the amount of detail included in the representation.)
Example: When you get an individual repository, you get the detailed representation of the repository. Here, we fetch the octokit/octokit.rb repository: (4) Instagram
Capture and share the world’s moments. User Endpoints
GET /users/user-id Get basic information about a user. To get information about the owner of the access token, you can use self instead of the user-id. 
GET /users/self/feed See the authenticated user’s feed. 
GET /users/user-id/media/recent Get the most recent media published by a user. To get the most recent media published by the owner of the access token, you can use self instead of the user-id. 
GET /users/self/media/liked See the authenticated user’s list of liked media. 
GET /users/search for a user by name. 

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