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Monday, October 24, 2016

Be aware of scams and how you do trading

not to be trusted Be aware of scams and how you do trading with.
 beaware of company link this one there are one of the most dishonest tradorax on the market todate upto date. first they send you a presentation telling you their system is a autopilot trading tool and you are guaranteed this 90% of chance of winning and you get the account free but for you to start to trade you need to deposit 250 to active the account . so i follow their instruction and deposit 250 dollar. be when i do so to my surprise there are saying they do not active under 300 dollar. so right there it whose fishy but i still proceed to get started. so now i am ready to make some money. now i get a so call adviser. to guide me to success. is first advice to me the more money you trade the you well profit . ok now adviser saying if i deposit 500 they will give bonuses of 500 to my account and this will give you a better way to make profit. so i follow instruction. so now my account is $500 dollars. but adviser come back saying he can even make this better by invist on a long term would make my more money on a essere base. so now he is explaining the hold prosit saying it me deposit 1000 more he will started trade . so now my account is 1500 . and the story goes on it's loung more to coming soon. proof of account
tradorax ltd
Dear Patrick,
This is your Withdrawal Acknowledgment.
Please be informed that your withdrawal request from your tradorax trading account in the sum of ${trxId} has been approved.
Payment info:
Type: API
Time: N/A
Amount: 750.0 ( USD )
Some institutions may require a few working days to remit funds around the world, particularly in cases that a correspondent bank is involved in the transaction, therefore please allow up to 7-10 business days for the funds to show in your account.
This payment will appear on your statement as a payment from tradorax™
Please note that once the funds pass out of our account you may be liable for bank transfer charges.
Should you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us at
Yours sincerely,
tradorax finance team

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