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P A J Article's

Embrace Of The Serpent from Oscilloscope Laboratories on Vimeo.
(Articles), To Whom It May Concern or Prospect, My name is Patrick Jonas. I barn in Kingston Jamaica grew up in the rural area of Kingston. I grew up with three brothers in Kingston Jamaica my Mother who’s is father and mother she has to work very hard. to keep food and the table , she kept two jobs to make things work for us my father who’s this the type of man that kept more Than one woman. However my parents constantly fight so my father decides to live. This is where my life starts to be very hard now mom need me more than ever. You see I am the eldest one out of four of us now there are  no fathers in our life so I become the father for my brothers. My  mom would let me watch over my brothers, mom work so hard she also run a Deli store and she would tell me take care of business when she go to work at this time I whose the age  twelve years hole and my brothers there whose the age 11/ 8 & 5 years of age. life whose very hard for mom she work two job, still she have problem meeting her bills this leave me thinking about everything. my father he live Nat far  frame us he hang out with his friend at the bar where is friend and him drinks. so mom would send me to the store where I would pass my father and friend drinking he would point to me till  is friend that is sun I would pass looking at him so I would  ask  myself  the question Why  life is so hard Why people do not love one Nader  why  people don't love "Yahshua? so I ask  my safe the question  how  is "Yahshua  where is "Yahshua so this is where my destiny star why I tell the story is to show that I'm quality only the best I produce for the environment. my mom would depend on me to help her out with my brothers and our family business this is where  I become this independent man  So by me reach the age 16  I  whose thinking like a man, well that how I'm    thinking so I got a job, now I take care of me also I learned  to take care of people. I grew up with a lot of love for  people  I  have three Daughter’s wish I love so much  now I'm a full grown man. working as a skill trad man this skill I love so much is woodwork  and Lock Smith with a lot of passion my practice is to please people or my client what they want  is OPPORTUNITY  One love spread the love "Yahshua is love, in the Mead wild check out my  blogs and website, One love How to Create A Logo Cut cast/ GOLF BOOKS SPORTS Welcome to Jonas GIFT Card  Shop. Powered by pay-pal. It all started when I took the first step   towards making a change, somehow I stumble on a opportunity for the first time. So I grab that chance. That's when I establish the first Domain name take me to the second name infopajvitamin which lead me to on. / that's where my logo starts. Saying that I created my own logo without an extra cent. It's simple all I needed was  a computer and a printer, no special  skills. In the beginning I had no computer experience.  now my web comes with a lot of opportunities. With pay pal you’re secured 100%. It’s all start with  you  like working from home, now I manage my own website. I invite you to my website Powered by   

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